Felix & Paul Studios invites viewers to go on an eye-opening journey with an inside look at the pioneering studio as it takes on space exploration in a new eight-episode series called Inside Felix & Paul Studios. Check out the series trailer here.

Each episode of the behind-the-scenes series gives unique access into the studio’s laboratories, highlighting the innovators behind the custom technologies required to create immersive entertainment experiences, including the camera, sound and production teams.

Presented by Canon and told in 180-degree stereoscopic video, which offers viewers a sense of depth and three-dimensional space, Inside Felix & Paul Studios is all about the creativity and innovation that has led the studio on its decade-long journey into immersive storytelling.

Felix & Paul Studios are best known for Marshall from Detroit with Eminem, The People’s House with the Obamas, and the Emmy-Award winning series Space Explorers.

New episodes will be available weekly on Meta Quest and Felix & Paul’s YouTube channel starting on November 15.