MovieMaker: About Us

MovieMaker is for anyone who loves moviemaking. It is focused on the art and craft of movies and cinematic TV.

Our core readers make movies, buy tickets, and vote for awards. They are decision-makers who look to us for inspiration, community and actionable information. We offer profiles, advice, insider tips and product reviews that they use to make smart, informed decisions about what they watch — and what they create.

MovieMaker is based in Hollywood. It is published by Deirdre McCarrick and edited by Tim Molloy, a married couple who are also in love with movies. It was founded by Timothy Rhys in Seattle, Wash., in 1993. He continues to work on MovieMaker Production Services, which helps moviemakers stretch their budgets further than they ever imagined possible.

The magazine has featured every prominent moviemaker you can think of on its cover — or will soon. It comes out quarterly, and is updated all the time. You can follow us on social at @moviemakermag, and contact us at [email protected].