The newest trailer for filmmaker Dallas Harvey’s upcoming sci-fi body horror film Metamorphose dropped this week, and it’s gloriously upsetting. Watch the trailer:

Metamorphose is about the fear of invasion, and mutation. As a violent alien parasite is unleashed in the small town of Silver Creek, local residents fight to survive as the infestation spreads throughout their community. While they attempt to study the parasite, it continues to transform into increasingly hideous and disturbing new forms. Think The Last of Us meets The Fly.

Director Dallas Harvey and cast on the laboratory set of Metamorphose 

Metamorphose is particularly disturbing because it’s rooted in scientific data from entomology, medical forensics, biological virology with a spattering of trypophobia and body horror. Tryptophobes beware. Even though the film is science fiction, Harvey’s goal was to ground it in reality as much as possible. One of his consultants on the production team is a PHD entomologist who oversaw the details of the main character, and the science behind the bugs that infect the human and animal hosts. In addition to his special effects makeup and props team, Harvey also brought on a professional TV and film taxidermist who has helped him design the realistic mutated and infected animals that will be shown throughout the film.

Metamorphose behind the scenes with Dallas Harvey and DHFX special effects prosthetic makeup team 

Harvey’s studio DHFX Studio is a digital and practical hybrid FX company based in Vancouver and has worked on projects like FOX’s Alien: ORE and the Exorcist TV series. Harvey is an FX artist by trade and has over 15 years experience working with TV, feature film, music video, advertising and social media productions. Metamorphose will be his first feature, but he has directed several shorts including “7 Demons,” “Reapers” and Frankenstein monster fan film “Florence.” He knew Metamorphose was the perfect project to meld all his unique skills, from directing to effects to a deep knowledge of effects in horror films.

“For me, when it comes to body horror, understanding how the body can be damaged or the fear of having these sorts of things happen to you and you’re out of control of it, that’s kind of where I’m coming from when I’m making this sort of stuff.I try to build a sense of realism into the anatomy, even if it’s fantasy or horror.” says Harvey.

“People love working with my studio and special effects crew, because we are all very passionate creature makers who are always pushing our FX designs to the next level. We bring practical effects to the film set and let everyone have that experience with them, and everybody gets to join in. I can’t wait to share the infected world of Silver Creek and the horrific alien creatures my team of artists have created.”

Metamorphose is currently in production in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Check out more BTS photos on DHFX Studio Instagram page.